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:: Publications ::
  • ”The Borden Gold Deposit, northern Ontario: Contributions of VTEM helicopter time-domain EM and magnetics leading to discovery”
    by Karl Kwan, Jean M. Legault (Geotech Ltd), Marta Orta (Orta Technologies) and Sergio Espinosa (Goldcorp)
    Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC), September 2019, Paper 100
  • ”VTEM Airborne, Ground and Borehole EM results from the New Lower Zone Discovery at Rice Island Ni-Cu-Co deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba”
    by Karl Kwan, Jean M. Legault, Alexander Prikhodko (Geotech Ltd), Marta Orta (Orta Technologies), Daniel Card (EarthEx Geophysical) and Don Hoy (Wolfden Resources Corp)
    SEG International Exposition and 87th annual meeting, September 2017, Houston, Texas, Case Histories and Methods Sessions
  • ”Airborne Geophysical Results over the Dolly Varden High Sulphidation VMS and Low Sulphidation Epithermal Silver Deposits, near Stewart, BC”
    by Walker, S.E. and Campbell, C. (Campbell & Walker Geophysics Inc.), Legault, J.M., Izarra, C., Orta, M. and Kwan, K. (Geotech Ltd), Whiting, B. and Van Egmond, R. (Dolly Varden Silver Corporation)
    Exploration’ 17, Poster Session 2, Panel 3, October 24-25, 2017
  • ”Evidence and identification of SPM in airborne TDEM data from Greenland”
    by Karl Kwan, Geoffrey Plastow, Jean M. Legault, Alexander Prikhodko, Nasreddine Bournas, Marta Orta (Geotech Ltd) and Sharon Taylor, (North American Nickel)
    SEG International Exposition and 86th annual meeting, Dallas, Texas, October 2016
  • ”The Albany graphite discovery: Airborne and Ground time-domain EM”
    by Jean M. Legault, Marta Orta, Alexander Prikhodko and Nasreddine Bournas (Geotech Ltd); Josh Lymburner and Kevin Ralph (Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd); Peter Wood (Zenyatta Ventures Ltd)
    SEG International Exposition and 85th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana; E-Poster presentation during the “MG-EP:Case Histories and Methods”, October 2015
  • ”Helicopter Time-domain EM Results over Brandon Channel and Assiniboine Delta Aquifers, Brandon, Manitoba”
    by Jean M Legault, David Toop, Greg Oldenborger, Geoff Plastow, Nasreddine Bournas, Zihao Han and Marta Orta (Geotech Ltd)
    Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and Engineering Problems (SAGEEP), March 22-26, 2015, Austin, Texas, USA.
  • ”ZTEM and VTEM airborne EM and magnetic results over the Lalor Cu-Au VMS Deposit, near Snow Lake, Manitoba”
    by Legault, J.M., Plastow, G., Zhao, S., Bournas, N., Prikhodko, and Orta, M. (Geotech Ltd)
    Society of Exploration Geophysicists and American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Interpretation magazine, Vol.3, No.2, May 2015, 12 pp, 12 figs.
  • ”Integrating airborne geophysics with Landsat TM imagery and geology for assessing the mineral potential of the Iullemmeden Basin, Niger”
    by Nasreddine Bournas, Karl Kwan, Marta Orta, Geoff Plastow, Alex Prikhodko, Shaolin Lu, Keeme Mokubung (Geotech Ltd), and Djibo-Maďga Abdoul-Wahab (Ministry of Mines and Industrial Development of Niger), 2014
    Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, October 26-31, 2014.
  • “ZTEM and VTEM Airborne EM Survey Results over the Mayville Cu-Ni-PGM Intrusive System, Southern Manitoba”
    by Orta, M., Legault, J. M, Zhao, S., Izarra, C., Eadie, T. (Geotech Ltd), Galeschuk., C., 2013
    Journal of Geophysics, Association of Exploration Geophysics (AEG) of India, Vol. XXXIV, No.1, Special Issue: Airborne Geophysics
  • ”Passive and active helicopter EM survey comparisons over the 501 Project Cu-Zn volcanogenic massive sulphide at McFauld’s Lake, northern Ontario”
    by Orta, M., A. Prikhodko, J.M. Legault, G. Plastow, S. Zhao. (Geotech Ltd) and C. Ulansky (Metalex Ventures Ltd., Kelowna BC),
    23th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, August 11-14, 2013, Melbourne, Australia, ASEG-PESA 2013. “Passive EM & remote sensing” session.
  • ”ZTEM and VTEM airborne EM survey results over PGM-Cu-Ni targets at East Bull Lake anorthositic complex, Massey, Ontario”
    by Jean M. Legault, Marta Orta, Harish Kumar, and Shengkai Zhao (Geotech Ltd)
    Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition and 81st Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, September 2011.
  • ”ZTEM Airborne AFMAG EM Results over the Reese River Geothermal Test Area, central Nevada”
    by Legault, J.M., Witter, J.B., Berardelli, P., Orta, M. (Geotech Ltd)
    21st ASEG-PESA International Geophysical Conference & Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, Australia, August 22-26, 2010.
  • ”ZTEM and VTEM airborne EM applications for Gold Exploration”
    by Legault, J.M., Kaminski, V., Kumar, H., Orta, M., Prikhodko, A. (Geotech Ltd)
    3rd Joint Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) - Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU), Ottawa, Ontario, May 31 - June 4, 2010.
  • “Identification of Magnetic Anomalies caused by Cultural Features”
    by Orta, M., 2005
    Geophysical Magazine, Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (IPGH), Mexico, Vol.61., p.47-57