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:: Data Management ::

To obtain maximum value of your geophysical data, Orta Technologies provides a complete range of techniques to help geologists and geophysicists making better decisions, faster.
  • data processing of magnetic field, electromagnetic (time-domain and frequency-domain), and radiometric data collected from airborne multi-sensor and ground geophysical surveys.    Orta Technologies maximizes the value of data
  • data acquisition quality control and geospatial corrections.
  • advanced analysis, modeling and interpretation of data acquired by induced (VTEM, SkyTEM) and passive (ZTEM) electromagnetic technologies for oil & gas, mineral exploration, groundwater and geothermal applications world-wide.
  • data analysis and interpretation of magnetic field collected from airborne helicopter and fixed-wing vertical and horizontal magnetic gradient surveys for near-surface, environmental and geological applications.
  • satellite imagery products and data, environmental protection oriented.
  • constraint-based modeling for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, based on supervised prediction and classification solutions for anomaly detection in multiple datasets.
  • detailed interpretation provided in collaboration with industry experts.